Tourism of the Center launches competitions to promote tourism entrepreneurship

16 January, 2017

“Tourist enterprise” and “Scientific knowledge” are the two competitions launched by the Regional Tourism Entity of the Center of Portugal aimed at promoting tourism entrepreneurship in that region of the country and the scientific knowledge generated on the tourist activity.

The José Manuel Alves Prize | 2016 Tourism Entrepreneurship Contest aims to detect and support innovative projects in the tourism sector, with implementation in the Center of Portugal, enshrining the best business idea.

In the second edition of this competition will be awarded the José Manuel Alves Prize, in honor of the former president of the Center’s Tourism Region, which was in the genesis of the creation of the Tourism Investment Support Office in the central region of Portugal and which defined the values And principles by which the public service of investment support of the entity is guided. Applications may be submitted by January 15, 2017.

For its part, the Academic Thesis Contest | 2016 Scientific Knowledge Contest aims to value the knowledge generated within the scientific community about tourism activity and bring together companies in the tourism sector and all those interested in developing tourism entrepreneurship projects. The applications also run until 15 January.

Source: i9 Magazine

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