Tâmega Business Institute launches support program for entrepreneurship

20 December, 2016

Applications for the Jump Box at the Instituto Empresarial do Tâmega (IET) will be open until January 8. Promoting employability and creating new business projects with the support of the Jump Box are the main objectives.

The program has 25 vacancies available for young people between the ages of 18 and 30 who will be invited to develop new skills for three months, based on the fact that most people learn better, doing and working as a team .

This stage will be followed by a further three months of follow-up, conducted by mentors and facilitators, seeking employment and / or developing their business ideas.

Filipe Oliveira, coordinator of Jump Box, indicates that they are “developing an intensive three-month program with young people where, through contact with companies and the application of new methodologies in an action training logic, they will develop skills in the business, Implementation, communication, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence. ”

During the course of the EIT, this program will be in a business incubation environment, so this privileged contact with entrepreneurs and entities from the scientific and technological sectors of different sectors of activity will provide participants with learning through experience in a fast prototyping environment. Ideas.

At present, 16 young people between the ages of 22 and 30 with higher education are enrolled in the areas of engineering, health, arts, design, social, among others. “We want to codify learning so that, with young people, we can create a program with results, with a real value added for the companies that can be scaled and replicated; We usually say that if this program comes out the next Google we feel rewarded, but we feel the same if they leave young people qualified to work at Google, “said Filipe Oliveira.

Betting on lifelong learning, and preparing future participants by providing them with versatility for change, is what is intended, creating “a program with young people and not for young people”.

This is the first edition of a program in which intensive training in a practical environment will be given so that together we can innovate in the traditional sectors of the Tâmega region: metalworking, wood, footwear, agri-food, granite And tourism, “and it is intended that” young people create innovation and incorporate technology in these sectors (traditional sectors of the region) valuing their endogenous resources as well as engagement with the business fabric to boost the regional economy, “adds Luís Miguel Ribeiro , Executive Director of the EIT.

Luís Miguel Ribeiro also explains that “in Jump Box we will help young people to find their talents and to develop their soft skills, enabling them to work in the labor market and to the increasingly complex world and in Constant change. In addition, we will support the business ideas that these young people can create through the tools already set up in the EIT for this purpose. ”

Jump Box, an academy for developing entrepreneurship skills and solving complex problems for young people, is an initiative of the EIT with the support of Amarante City Council, through InvestAmarante, in co-operation with the School of Technology and Management of Politécnico do Porto, through the Office of Support to the Entrepreneur, and counts on the collaboration of the IEFP. All interested young people should submit their application on JumpBox Facebook.

Source: i9 magazine

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