Ageas Seguros 2016 Innovation Award almost coming to an end

20 December, 2016

The 12 finalists who have reached the second stage have already been determined. The next challenge is to develop their projects in detail by mid-February.

The notable adhesion of applications for a first edition confirms the commitment of Ageas Seguros, an international insurance group, in a different form of Prize, aimed at university students and betting on ideas still in their design phase.

The applications came from all over the country: Lisbon with 41% of the applications, Porto with 21% and Coimbra with 18%, but applications were received from all the main national university poles, with 35% of the candidates being masters students.

The challenge is to develop ideas and solutions in the area of ​​health, well-being or quality of life, and the 2016 Ageas Insurance Innovation Award – New World aims at giving the opportunity for new perspectives on the world and society to result in an effective improvement of the Well-being and quality of life.

With the launch of this Award, the international insurance group wanted to go beyond mere economic activity and participate effectively in the development of a society closer to the aspirations of consumers, customers and the public in general, materializing these concerns in real, inclusive actions and with a view to Improve the future of all.

The Prize will end with a ceremony on March 10 next year, where the winners will be known and awarded.


Source: Jornal Económico

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