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The Creative Village project, co-financed by COMPETE, is composed of seven actions, articulated among themselves, in order to transform the NUT II North and Center regions into centers producing initiatives with a strong focus on knowledge and creativity, positioning itself locally, regionally, Nationally and internationally as new territorial centralities.

This initiative is expected to enable potential entrepreneurs the opportunity to deepen or establish a first contact with the incentive systems for entrepreneurship and the dynamics directly related to the creation of companies. In this way, it will be the opportunity for many individuals to start their entrepreneurial journey.


About Virtual Incubators

  • Autonomously manage the contents of a subdomain;
  • Accept registration for Newsletter;
  • Increase the visibility of your business given the number of Creative Village visitors;
  • Gain recognition because your business is featured in Creative Village;
  • Access a private and prominent forum;
  • Participate in a portal that promotes Entrepreneurship initiatives;

Creative Village Incubator

Yes, its possible to associate any footer of each subdomain with the logos of the financing entities and beneficiaries of the financing. They are thus complied with as standards for information and publicity measures in projects / actions.
A sub-domain is a domain derived from the primary domain. For example "" is a sub-domain of the domain "". Subdomains are useful if you want to have a featured site from the main site using the same domain, for example In the case of the Creative Village portal, the subdomain does not open in pop-ups for better navigation.

No. Each company may place the content that it understands specifically in the products, services and gallery, always in accordance with the privacy policy, terms and usage defined by Creative Village.


A startup is a new company, even embryonic or still in the seed stage, which promotes a promising project, related to the development of an innovative business idea. Usually is technology­ based, but not necessarily, and it is based on an entrepreneurial spirit, in constant search for an innovative business model. Startup companies are distinguished from others by creating highly scalable business models, based on innovative ideas. Startups are not only internet companies, although they are in that field more frequently  since the costs of creating a software company are lower than creating a “physical” industry or business. Beyond being a young company and launching an innovative idea in the market, another characteristic of a startup is having risk involved in the business, but usually it is also an enterprise with lower initial costs and it’s highly scalable, i.e., has an expectation of major growth when successful.

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